• For all the people all around the world,
    a better life.

  • There are no boundaries
    Only possibilities

  • For all the people all around the world,
    a better life.

  • There are no boundaries
    Only possibilities


  • 2024.01.16    dinomoWiFi started support for 「2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake」
  • 2023.09.01    New Brand Launched!!「dinomoWiFi」– eSIM & SIM/ Wifi Rental Service
  • 2022.03.01    HUMANITARIAN SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE WiFi/SIM Plans Sale Start
  • 2021.11.27    Afghanistan-Japan Cultural Exchange Event
  • 2021.10.19    Afghanistan Organic Food Sales Start
  • 2021.05.01    New Brand Launched!! 「HANABI MOBILE」– Japan Domestic eSIM & SIM/ Wifi Rental Service
  • 2020.09.01    Taiwan office launch
  • 2020.08.01    New York office launch
  • 2020.07.01    Tokyo office launch
  • 2020.04.07    Global Gateway Inc. Establishment


Global Gateway is an International Trading, Telecommunication & Network Related Products Resale and Business Consulting Company, we provide services from planning proposals, OEM manufacturing, product supplying/marketing to after-sales service support, and not only in these 3 fields, we keep working and reaching out more to create values together with our international business partners around the world.


For all the people all around the world, a better life.

To help make people’s daily life comfier, healthier and happier, that’s our purpose, that’s why Global Gateway is founded.
We want to contribute the society and help to solve existing global problems by working together with people all around the world.


Like the sun shining on the earth, the light is fair to everywhere on the planet. As the same, regardless of nationality, religion, culture, race and language, Global Gateway will always respect diversity values, cherish the history/knowledge that were created by human to be a true international, multinational company.
Global Gateway always put true heart and honesty first and will always keep working to be a trustable company and business partner.
Global Gateway support the Sustainable Development Goals that are aiming to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. We will keep working our best as a contributive company through long-term perspective and keep providing our values to the society.
To make it good for everyone, Global Gateway always keep working for better improvement and solutions of our products and services.
For all the products, services and solutions to our valuable customers, Global Gateway will always pursue to provide the best quality and designs.
We believe that nothing is more powerful that people all work together to create and come true the same goals.



From March 1st 2022, in order to support those who are suffering in Ukraine, Global Gateway Inc. will donate part of the profits from sales of below WiFi/SIM plans as emergency support.



  • We will donate your 1st month fee of contract as humanitarian assistance.
  • It might take years for recovery from the crisis, however we want to do as much as we could to help those families to go back to normal peaceful life as soon as possible. Your help, support and kindness are very much appreciated.
  • The donation will be made to the Ukrainian Embassy, Japan Committee for UNICEF and UNHCR as emergency humanitarian assistance for Ukraine Crisis. Depending on the situation, donation amount might be added and timeframe might be extended.
  • We do not issue receipt for donation and there is no tax deduction on the donation.
  • Regarding how the donation is used please contact directly to Ukrainian Embassy, Japan Committee for UNICEF and UNHCR.
  • Eligble Plans ( > 6 months plan):

    Call Sim
    1GB ¥1,080
    3GB ¥1,850
    5GB ¥2,550
    7GB ¥2,750
    10GB ¥3,250
    20GB ¥3,550

    3GB/DAY ¥3850
    5GB/DAY ¥4950
    10GB/DAY ¥5445
    50GB/MON ¥3490
    100GB/MON ¥4500
    300GB/MON ¥5500


    We provide Wi-Fi routers/Android smartphone/iPhone(used in good condition)/tablet products & rental services for both personal consumers and cooperate customers.

    Also we provide OEM/ODM manufacturing service for IoT related products such as GPS trackers, and all kinds of mobile related products such as smartphone accessories(phone case/cable/AC adaptor/earphone etc..)

    We are agency of below brands

    Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

    For quotation, purchasing or any questions/requests, please kindly contact us from below.

    Contact Form

    Network Communication Products
    SIM Card / Mobile Wi-Fi Router

    Global Gateway works together with worldwide business partners to provide best proposals & solutions of high quality products to customers.

    Not only for Japanese customers who travels abroad around the world but also for all visitors to Japan, Global Gateway provides the best SIM card and Mobile Wi-Fi network services to support your trips and make your stay as convenient as possible.


    Wi-Fi RouterSIM Card

    With this WiFi router, no need to buy new phone/SIM card every time every different place you go. It could be used both Japan Domestic and also abroad when you travel around the world, you can just use the same phone you have with unlimited data within Japan and for abroad you will only need to pay for the data you use.
    We provide various of monthly rental plans such as 50GB/month, 100GB/month or DAY5GB/month, DAY10GB/month, DAY15GB/month etc. depending on your usage needs. We provide customized plans and services for corporate customers.
    Also we provide prepaid SIM card and eSIM services that could be used globally all around the world.

    Short-term Wifi/SIM Rental HANABI MOBILE OFFICIAL SITE eSIM・Long-term SIM/WiFi Rental「dinomoWiFi」OFFICIAL SITE


    This Wifi router has powerful battery which you can use max. 20hours straight for WiFi connection and max. 24hours for Bluetooth. It is very light weighted 128g(FS030W), 142g(FS040W) which could be easily carried around with. If you purchase an optional cradle, this mobile router can also be used as a home router.
    You can also choose your favorite telecommunications company with SIM lock free.
    Also it could be connected to multiple devices at same time such as tablet, smartphone, computer etc..
    We provide various rental plans with 25GB/month etc. depending on your usage needs.

    Short-term Wifi/SIM Rental HANABI MOBILE OFFICIAL SITE eSIM・Long-term SIM/WiFi Rental「dinomoWiFi」OFFICIAL SITE


    ● Step into a Healthy Life with Natural Organic Raw Dry Fruits and Super Foods

    ★ With the Taliban seizing power in Afghanistan and growing concerns about women’s rights restrictions, we are trying to import to support the sale of dried fruits made by local women and small-scale family farms throughout Afghanistan. Also the quality of Afghanistan dried fruits are extremely high, very natural and good for health, contains lots of natural vitamins and ingredients. They are delicious as a fresh snack or as a topping for breakfast bowls, salads, and desserts.

    We have various kinds of natural dried fruits

    We also have Saffron Herb Tea and Dried Saffron.

    For quotation, purchasing or any questions/requests, please kindly contact us from below.

    Our Amazon Link for Purchasing

    YU Oriental Natural Herbs Bath for Pets

    Healing and caring time with aroma for both your loved pets and you.

    YU Oriental Natural Herbs Bath for Pets

    Unique pet care from Asia-rich blend of oriental herbs and flora gently cleanses and pampers your pet’s skin and coat. A special blend of ultra feminine floral scent leaves your pet friends smelling sensational! Herb essence controls bacteria and prevents skin infections. We offer 10 different scents that are selected from precious oriental botanical and floral extracts.

    Health & Safety

    Health and safety are essential to a beautiful life.
    Healthy ingredients, healthy formula, healthy skin and healthy coat


    From packaging to formulation, our products are specifically-designed to take care of your pets. Beauty matters to us. Beauty gives a positive feeling and boosts confidence. Beauty balances both the mind and body. It works with you, it also works with pets !

    Sensory Experience

    Natural and organic products are relaxing and uplifting, never dull and dry.


    We believe that every bath time should be a fun and happy sharing moment after a very long day. Our natural formulas give a silky touch and unique fragrance to your pets for an absolute and totally enjoyable sensory experience.

    • Mild and gentle botanical formula produces soft creamy bubbles, and cleans the skin and fur
    • Suitable for both dogs and cats, and also small animals such as rabbits.
    • Delicate fragrances with deodorizing property extracted from a selection of flowers and woods keep skin and hair clean and fresh for 4-7 days
    • Contains Allantoin, Witch Hazel form a protective film. organic epilobium fleischeri extract sooth and repair sensitive skins
    Our Amazon Link for Shampoo Purchase


    ICT・Network Communication Solutions

    Global Gateway Inc. is well experienced in MVNO, we provide consulting services for corporate customers who are interested to extending business in this field.
    Global Gateway Inc. works with worldwide business partners to provide the best proposals of high-quality products to customers.

    Main Projects

    • IoT related products development (Japan. USA)
    • MVNO platform construction(Japan, Korea)
    • Device warranty/repair services
    • Security Related Applications
    • Global Roaming Services(Tourists/Travelers to Japan/abroad)
    • Website construction support
    • Cloud Wi-Fi customized services
    • Prepaid SIM card services


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      • Global Gateway株式会社
      • 設立年月日 2020年(令和2年)4月7日
      • 代表取締役 比嘉 良放
      • 資本金 30,000,000円
      • 〒100-0005 東京都千代田区丸の内2-5-1 丸の内二丁目ビル 4階